frequently Asked Questions

Why should I trust The Collector Hub?

If you've ever bought something online, you know theres always been an underlying fear of getting scammed and falling a victim to false advertising. The truth about the collector hub is that every product that is put on the site comes directly from my personal collection and what i value the most is your trust and satisfaction as fellow collectors. I have no intent in false advertising or overpricing as my products integrity coincides directly with our relationship as a broker and a costumer. Please feel free to contact me through my sites email or check out my policy on returns and shipping below.

Who even is this Nathaniel Harris kid?

There are a number of attributes that make me who I am as a person. I am someone who always strives to make myself as well as the people I chose to surround myself with the best version of themselves. i truly have a passion for business and collecting has been a hobby of mine since I was little. I believe that being 16 might scare people away from doing business but in all honesty, I see myself as an existentialist and i think my age should have no correlation to your trust in my experience and integrity. I also that being exposed to advanced business at my age only sets me better off for the future. I hope as costumers begin to  

Returns and Policy?

In terms of returns and my business policy, I will offer anyone who purchases from my site that is left dissatisfied a 2 week 100% money back deal upon the return of the product. This can't be beat! All i want for my costumers is to build a relationship of trust and satisfaction. shipping will be subjective to every transaction and as far as international selling goes, i will cross that bridge another time.

What if I have collectable money to sell?

If you have collectable money that you are Interested is selling or in need of pricing consultation, please feel free to email, text, or give me a call at the modes provided on the contact page! If you have inherited a collection and are looking to get rid of it, I would love to learn more about the collection and what it entails so please contact me and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible.